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Late-nights hosts “work from home” amid coronavirus outbreak with help from kids, wives and dogs

While self-quarantining to curb the spread of coronavirus, late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah have been releasing low-budget digital versions of their shows made from the comfort of their homes. In a March 17 video shot by wife Nancy Juvonen in a playroom at their home, Fallon reads a “Tonight Show” monologue and performs a song about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day while social distancing. (His videos have featured several adorable interruptions from his kids and the family dog.) In a March 16 video, Colbert delivers a “Late Show” opening monologue from his bathtub… while wearing a suit. In a March 17 video, he reads the monologue while seated by an outdoor fire pit in his backyard, and later — in honor of St. Patrick’s Day — performs a quarantine-themed version of “Danny Boy” while accompanied remotely by “Late Show” bandleader Jon Batiste. In a March 17 video shot in his home office, Kimmel gives a mini monologue predominantly riffing on being stuck at home with his kids. Noah, meanwhile, has released several short sketches on the “Daily Show” YouTube page, including a bit during which he cleans everything in his home — including the bottom of a table, the leaves of a houseplant, some running water and a slice of clementine he then pops in his mouth.

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