Resident Evil 2 Ray Tracing Mod Perfect For Fans Waiting On RE3

With less than a week until the release of Resident Evil 3, one player has been hard at work turning the previous game, Resident Evil 2, into a photo-realistic masterpiece. The Resident Evil series has been experiencing a resurgence of popularity lately, starting with the positive reception of Resident Evil VII and continuing with the release of a completely remastered and graphically updated version of Resident Evil 2 in January of 2019.

Resident Evil VII was a bold new step for the Resident Evil series, moving the franchise into a first-person view for the first time (in a mainline numbered Resident Evil entry) and even releasing as a VR title. The Resident Evil 2 remake, on the other hand, neither followed suit nor did it stay true to the original game’s fixed camera perspective. Instead, it adopted a method of gameplay reminiscent of Resident Evil 4, arguably the most popular game in the entire franchise, and based on the reception from both fans and critics alike this was a good decision. Unsurprisingly, the recent Resident Evil 3 demo showed the series’ next entry will do the exact same thing.

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Now, thanks to a new mod from the same person who created a similar fantastic DOOM 2016 graphical enhancement (thanks, PCGamesN) comes a near photo-perfect reimagining of Resident Evil 2. The creator, who goes by AD Massicuro on YouTube and @HancerMassi on Twitter, has not only made graphic improvement mods for DOOM 2016 and Resident Evil 2, but also for Battlefield V and Star Wars: BattlefrontCheck out the result, along with original vanilla game footage for comparison, in AD Massicuro’s video embedded below:

By adding “global illumination, warm coloring grading, detailed shadows and reflections” and more to Resident Evil 2, AD Massicuro has turned an already pretty game into a piece of grotesque art which is both sickening and beautiful, especially during those close-up headshot moments which always seem to happen in zombie-focused video game titles. Unfortunately, the mod isn’t ready to download just yet, but should be available to players “as soon as the RT Shader from Pascal Gilcher is out of the beta stage.”

After playing the Resident Evil 3 demo, it’s likely many people turned back to Resident Evil 2 in order to quell their anticipation for the upcoming title. Although AD Massicuro’s Resident Evil 2 enhancement mod isn’t out yet, it’s close, and players should keep their eyes peeled on the off chance it becomes available to the public before Resident Evil 3 releases later next week. However, the beauty of video game modding is that things are always being changed and improved upon by devoted fans, so even if it doesn’t come out before Resident Evil 3 there will always be a community of Resident Evil 2 fans out there waiting for when it does.

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Source: AD Massicuro/YouTube (via PCGamesN)

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