Vin Diesel and son share uplifting message amid coronavirus pandemic

Vin Diesel and his son are spreading optimism during the coronavirus.

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The “Fast & Furious” actor teamed up with his son Vincent Sinclair (with partner Paloma Jimenez) to look on the bright side.

“My son just came out of his Mandarin class, online Mandarin class. We just wanted to give a quick shout-out and a quick message to the world. What do we wanna say?” the actor asked his 10-year-old in the video, posted to Instagram.

“We wanna say that as many ways as the coronavirus can be hurting us, it’s also helping us in more ways than it’s hurting us,” Sinclair explained. “And way number one, it’s making us feel like a global family. We’re all connecting in a way. Reason number two, we’re thinking about the things that we didn’t need but now we’re thinking about…we’re not thinking about the coronavirus because well, we believe that we’re going to be OK. We’re thinking about other things, like how we can help the world and how we can help each other.”

The 52-year-old, who also has two daughters, Similche, 11, and Pauline, 5, ended the video telling his followers, “We love you all.”

Spreading optimism isn’t the only initiative Diesel has been committed to following the COVID-19 crisis. On March 18 he shared that The Paul Walker Foundation, an organization created in honor of his late co-star, was teaming up with the LA Regional Food Bank to provide meals to children during the pandemic, with a $25 donation providing 100 meals to children.

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