Why a Second Season of Too Hot to Handle Is Impossible to Pull Off

A second season of Too Hot To Handle may be tougher to pull off than the first. Hot singles searching for a reality show will be on high alert for a show that prevents them from hooking up with one another.

One of the best parts of Too Hot To Handle was the reveal early in the season, when the contestants learned that even a kiss would affect their earnings. They were bewildered and unsure how to exist within these boundaries. It was fascinating to watch people who had always taken their looks for granted flounder when the one thing that had always come easy to them was being stripped away. Well, sort of. Most of them still swiped left on Lana the AI bot and broke the rules. But they all showed some restraint, which was the purpose of the show in the first place. But what if the contestants saw the twist coming before it was announced?

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It seems unlikely that Too Hot To Handle can bring a group of objectively attractive contestants for another season without at least one of them sniffing out what show they’re really on. If the show decided to tell the season 2 contestants that they would be unable to hook up without losing money, it would take away from some of the excitement from the first episode. Contestants would be able to prepare ahead of time, both mentally and physically. Perhaps they would eat a ton of junk food and fatten up to make themselves less physically desirable.

The cash prize will be need to be significantly raised in order to lure social media influencers onto another season of Too Hot To Handle. When there were 10 winners in the first season, the $75,000 cash prize was divvied up 10 ways, making the monetary reward extremely meager. The real prize is not the personal growth, but rather the growth experienced in the Instagram following. With that in mind, contestants may be less likely to adhere to the stringent rules of the retreat.

It is possible Too Hot To Handle moves forward with filming another season, but some tweaks will need to be made to ensure it is at least as good as the first season. Since the show was such a huge hit, it will be more difficult to find contestants who would be duped by the premise. Then again, Too Hot To Handle never prided itself on pulling from the most intelligent casting pool.

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